Mother’s Day Stall and Afternoon at SMCM

As Mother’s Day is this Sunday, we think of all the special women in our life – past, present and future! We keep in mind Mother Mary of Jesus and the sacrifices she made for Jesus and all the children on Earth.

We are asking all senior students to bring in a photo of their mother or special woman in their life for an activity at school. Please bring this photo in ASAP!

We look forward to seeing lots of wonderful women at SMCM on Friday 7th May 2021 at 2.30pm. More information will be provided during the week and in this week’s newsletter.

Tuesday-Cross Country Students Only

Dear Families,


Tuesday’s weather forecast predicts rain in the morning and afternoon. 

Can participating students please bring a change of clothes(even casual ones, including shoes and socks) to leave at school to change into when they get back at around 2.30pm.

If they have wet weather jackets they can wear this over their sports uniform on the day. They can also bring an umbrella.

The carnival will go ahead unless there is lightning. Rain does not mean it gets cancelled.

Students will only need a plastic bag or small backpack with their lunch, drink bottle and snacks. There is NO SHELTER for the kids, I will bring some tarpaulins to put their bags under to hopefully keep them dry and away from the mud.

Thank you,

Yolanda and Year 6 Teachers

Thursday-Sport Uniform

Dear Families,

All students will be required to wear their sports uniform.

Tomorrow (Thursday) two of our students, Ava and Myah, have organised a special session for our senior students as part of their ‘Be More’ project. We have included their purpose below, which formed part of their presentation to Leadership to plan and lead a project in our school community.

We appreciate your ongoing support.

Narelle, Alana and David

Monday-School Photos

Dear Families,

Just a reminder that tomorrow Monday, March 29 our students will be having their 2021 school photo taken. All students will need to be in full summer school uniform, which include grey socks for the boys and white socks for the girls.

We are looking forward to this special photo day with our Year 6 leaders!

Alana, David and Narelle

Year 6 Fun Morning

Ava and Myah have organised a morning of fun activities for the Year 6 students!!!

This google form is for the Year Six Fun Morning!

We are doing this because we think it’s a good idea for the year sixes to have a full morning of having fun and collaborating with new people. You will get you  to choose your preferences out of 4 activities and we will rotate once. You will be with some of your friends but not all of them. – – Ava and Myah

Buy a Bee and be more for others this week!

This week is our final week of fundraising for Caritas Project Compassion. Students are invited to bring in a gold coin at any stage this week and buy a bee cutout, which can be decorated or they may choose to write their name on a pre-made bee (from their teacher)! They can then pin their bee to the wall located near the library galleria space. The aim is to have a swarm of Caritas bees on display by the end of the week!

How are you being more to others?

How many bees might we have on our wall by the end of the week?

Spelling Homework

Today we launched a new sequence for spelling unfamiliar words called S.M.A.R.T Spelling. Each Monday our senior students will bring home a list of chosen spelling words based on a spelling pattern. This week, we are exploring the vowel digraph (2 letters working together to make a new sound) ‘ea’ as in ‘please’. Students also choose two words, taken from their personal writing, which come from their BOB(Back of Book) list.

Students have been given a grid of activity ideas to explore when learning to spell their words each week. We are encouraging students to spend 5-10 minutes each night on their spelling words. Students will be tested on their words each Friday.

We are very excited to move forward with this new spelling approach!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to your homegroup teacher for further clarification.

Happy spelling!

Alana, David and Narelle

Enter the Caritas K’s Competition this Friday

This week’s Caritas Friday fundraiser links to Arsad’s story. Arsad is from Indonesia and with no toilet in their house, his family had to use the forest instead. With the help of Caritas, Arsad was able to participate in hygiene and sanitation training and he worked with the community to build working toilets for homes. 

This week we stand in solidarity with those who often have to walk for basic food, services and supplies with our Caritas Ks competition. Get your pedometers ready for Friday and get walking. Follow the steps below to enter!

Please note: You can bring a donation and walk even if you don’t have a pedometer!