Family Welcome Meetings

Monday 1st February 9-4pm

Online Family Welcome Meetings will continue to be held for students in Years 1-6 on Monday 1st February

This is an opportunity for parents, teachers and students to meet at the beginning of a new school year and begin to build a positive partnership that is focused on what is best for each child. 

You might like to discuss your child’s interests and talents, areas of strength and challenge in their learning, how, where and when they learn best and ask any questions about the 2021 school year. 

Online Welcome Meetings will be held via Whereby. Online meetings are our preference to allow for personal conversation than the phone.  You will receive an email from School Interviews confirming your interview time. Next to the appointment time will be a video link. Click on this link at the time of your interview and you will enter the ‘waiting room’. The teacher’s will let you into the meeting room when ready.

 Meetings are 15 minutes and we ask all parents to stick to this time to ensure our meeting times run smoothly.

To book your Online Welcome Meeting go to:
Event Code: 84rq5

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