Tuesday and Wednesday Learning

Hi Seniors,

Please click the link below to access the learning for the next two days. You may choose which activities you wish to complete.

We also know that today is SHROVE TUESDAY which is a very important day in our Catholic calendar. It marks the first day of Lent. You may want to have a read and listen to the activity posted in the learning grid and bake/cook something delicious to honour this special day.

Image result for shrove tuesday

If you need any help, your teachers will be available to chat with you through email and on WHEREBY on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:30am – 12:30pm

Alana: alana.didomizio@smcmeppingnth.catholic.edu.au

David: david.lewis@smcmeppingnth.catholic.edu.au

Narelle: narelle.bzel@smcmeppingnth.catholic.edu.au

Please note that Whereby can only have 4 students/parents at one time so if you are waiting to be let in by your teacher it is possible that the room is full so you may need to try again in 15 minutes. The links to the whereby rooms are listed below.

Image result for please be patient
Narelle Bzdelsmcmeppingnth.bzdel.narellehttps://www.whereby.com/smcmeppingnth.bzdel.narelle
Alana Di Domiziosmcmeppingnth.didomizio.alanahttps://www.whereby.com/smcmeppingnth.didomizio.alana
David Lewissmcmeppingnth.lewis.davidhttps://www.whereby.com/smcmeppingnth.lewis.david
Image result for have a gret day and enjoy the sunshine
Have a great day everyone!!!

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