Remote Learning 4.0

Good afternoon senior students,

We hope you are all enjoying your day and are using the time to do something you enjoy or spend some time with your families.

Remote Learning will begin on Monday 31st May.

Each day there will be a whole class Google Meet at 9:00am. It is important that you attend as this is where your teachers will give you your instructions for the day and let you know of anything important.

Teachers will also hold Google Meets with individual groups of students throughout each day. All Google Meets can be accessed through your calendar invites. It is expected that you attend ALL of your scheduled Google Meets.

You will be expected to complete THREE tasks each day. It is important that you do not rush these tasks and that you do your absolute best, just as if you were in our normal classroom.

This is our fourth time going into remote learning so we know how it works and we know what we need to do.

If you need to contact your teachers for any reason, please use gmail:

  • Alana –
  • Narelle –
  • David –

Remember to check the following each morning:

  • Google Calendar (your teachers will use this to schedule your Google Meets).
  • Gmail (your teachers will use this as your main contact).
  • Blog (the slides will be here with your instructions for the day).
  • Seesaw (teachers may send out notices and reminders through Seesaw).

Please make sure you attend Monday morning’s Google Meet as teachers will use this to explain a number of aspects of the week.

We look forward to seeing all of your smiling faces on Monday! WE GOT THIS!!!

Alana, Narelle and David

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