Monday 31st May 2021

Good Morning Seniors and Happy Monday!

Welcome to the first day (and hopefully the fourth last day) of Remote Learning. Below is a slideshow that shows the learning that you need to complete for the day. Your learning will be accessible on seesaw for maths and in your google drive (literacy) folder for literacy.

Your teacher will hold a 9am google meet to say hello and discuss the learning for the day. You will also have a maths google meet today. In this google meet, you will complete your maths learning with your teacher. All your google meets for the week have been scheduled in your google calendar! Please remember to have a look.

Before jumping into a google meet, you need to ensure that you:

  • Have told you parents/family members that you are joining a google meet
  • are dressed appropriately for learning
  • have an appropriate background behind you
  • are in a central space of the house
  • have your microphone on mute

We can’t wait to see you!

Oh, also…the start of this week is the practice rounds for the MATIFIC Olympiad competition. Please jump onto MATIFIC during the day to complete activities in “Competition Island.” The more practice the better! The competition starts on Thursday 3rd July (this week) and there are lots of prizes to be won!!!

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