Sacramental Bookings 2021

Dear Parents 

Our online booking system for the Parish Sacramental celebrations will open at 6pm on Friday, February 5th, 2021. Please book one Sacramental Celebration time that suits your family.

Saturday 14th August @ St Monica’s Auditorium 12pm or 3pm
Saturday 21st August @ St Monica’s Auditorium 12pm or 3pm

Online booking code: e9yss

Go to and follow these simple instructions. Please use the code that is relevant to your child.

Simply enter the code and press “Go”

Enter your details

Select your Sacramental Celebration

When you click FINISH, your Sacramental Celebration selection will be emailed to you automatically. 

If you do not receive your email immediately – 

Check your junk mail folder AND make sure you have spelt your email address correctly 

For parents that do not have internet access, a computer will be available at Reception for parents to make their own bookings.

Kind regards

Claire and Anna

Family Welcome Meetings

Monday 1st February 9-4pm

Online Family Welcome Meetings will continue to be held for students in Years 1-6 on Monday 1st February

This is an opportunity for parents, teachers and students to meet at the beginning of a new school year and begin to build a positive partnership that is focused on what is best for each child. 

You might like to discuss your child’s interests and talents, areas of strength and challenge in their learning, how, where and when they learn best and ask any questions about the 2021 school year. 

Online Welcome Meetings will be held via Whereby. Online meetings are our preference to allow for personal conversation than the phone.  You will receive an email from School Interviews confirming your interview time. Next to the appointment time will be a video link. Click on this link at the time of your interview and you will enter the ‘waiting room’. The teacher’s will let you into the meeting room when ready.

 Meetings are 15 minutes and we ask all parents to stick to this time to ensure our meeting times run smoothly.

To book your Online Welcome Meeting go to:
Event Code: 84rq5

New Volunteer Opportunities

Donating money isn’t the only way to give to charitable organizations, many of whom rely on volunteers for various services. If you find yourself with free time on your hands on your weekend, or during the week, you could consider putting in some community service. Not only will you help a good cause, but it can also be a way to meet people and learn new skills.

Celebrate Microvolunteering Day

You want to get involved and give back to the community, but can’t fit another big commitment into your busy schedule? Then microvolunteering might just be the thing.

Microvolunteering is a small, bite-sized task or project, that is quick and easy to perform. Best of all there’s a range of things you could do online, in as little as 30 minutes. Donating processing time on your computer, signing an online petition, or promoting a charity on social media are all examples of microvolunteering that you could do today.